Portable Neck Traction Device

Most people who suffer from neck pain are always looking for solutions that will be able to alleviate their pain or eliminate it altogether. The options available to relieve neck pain are varied depending on the extent of pain that the individual is experiencing. Minor pain can be relieved using painkillers, neck massages or simple exercises to increase the blood flow to all the parts of the neck. However, there are those who suffer from extreme neck pain and only find relief when they use neck traction devices. Furthermore, these devices are also used to prevent any manifestation of neck pain in the future.

Neck traction devices are used to relieve tension from the neck as well as shoulders which is one of the causes of neck pain. Other uses of the device involve the separation of the muscles in the neck which might be placing pressure on the neck and causing pain the neck as well. Neck traction devices are one of the most popular neck pain reliever options in the market and have had a high success rate among people experiencing neck pain.

Traditionally, neck traction devices have involved the placing of the head in a halter which is suspended using weights, which results in the stretching and elongating of the neck so as to provide relief. This procedure is commonly done in hospitals with the help of the nurses and sometimes doctors. However, this has changed with the newer models of the device which can be purchased and used in any location. A portable neck traction device has its benefits with the most outstanding one being the fact that it can be used while doing other activities in any part of the home or office.

The convenience that a portable neck traction device gives to its user allows them to experience pain relief without having to go to a hospital to be put in the traditional type of neck traction device. The newer model of the device saves a lot of time as well as effort that would have been otherwise needed while using the older model.

The portable neck traction device is also very user-friendly as it only needs to be inflated and then worn around the neck. It is operated by inflating the two bladders in the device by pressing the buttons on each pump that are attached onto two hanging straps.

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